Day Cabbie

San Francisco taxi stories from one of the very rare female drivers

The news show guys

One of them was wearing the ear piece of a headset. We were going to the airport.

"Are you guys from California?"

"No, Colorado."

"Are you allowed to talk on your cell phone while driving there?"


"I just found out today that starting next year, it will be against the law here. You'll have to wear a headset. My parents will be very happy. They live in Germany and it's against the law there. And I call them from my cell phone while driving all the time. And they always ask me 'Are you allowed to do that?' They ask me that every single time."

"Do you go back to Germany much?"

"About once a year."

"We work for a television news show, and I did a story in Germany once, about an airforce base closing down."

"Ah. So you work for a local news show in Colorado?"

"No, it's a national show, on PBS."

"Do you get recognized a lot?"

"No. We don't have a large audience. Only about four million."

"Do you like getting recognized?"

"Not really."

"Have you ever done a story about anything related to taxi driving?"

"Yeah, a long time ago. It was about a cab driver in Denver who had Christmas lights strung along the inside of his cab and serenaded all his passengers while driving."


"It was about 25 years ago."

"You know, I want someone to do a story about me too. I have been wearing costumes."

"Maybe you need to start serenading people if you want to be on TV."


"So do you always wear this blue costume?"

"No, I wear a different costume every day. Like, last Friday, I wore a goth costume."

"There was a story recently about a woman in Palo Alto who works as a programmer. And she comes to work in full goth attire every day, and even her cubicle is decorated in all goth."

"Well, if a goth cubicle worker can be on TV, then so can a costume-wearing cabbie, no?"

"I suppose so. Unfortunately we don't have our crew with us, so we can't start filming you."

"Maybe next time then."


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