Day Cabbie

San Francisco taxi stories from one of the very rare female drivers

Another day, another receipt full of notes

When I'm driving a taxi, I use a DeSoto receipt to write down an address I am dispatched to so I don't forget.

This one is from Friday, January 19:
1665 Haight #27: The nice couple from Redding who were staying at the Red Vic, whose son had fallen during a construction job and was being treated at UCSF, and who gave me their breakfast from the Red Vic
1300 block of 41st Ave: The jolly lady who I had driven to work before and who has me drive through the park because it's more relaxing
2400 block of Bryant: The lesbian who who didn't say anything about my blue outfit. I love San Francisco. It doesn't make a difference if a cab driver wears a turban or a blue wig: Nothing fazes people here.
1240 Fillmore #811: The fare that stood me up. Nobody was there.
1301 Valencia: Another fare that stood me up. It's the church at the corner of Valencia and 24th, and nobody was there.
1678 Dolores: The same old lady and her caretaker from last time. This time they went to a doctor's office on Ocean and Junipero Serra.
1591 45th Ave: The trombone player who had recently moved here from D.C. He was going to a rehearsal.
450 Townsend for Kyle: Her name was actually Kayo. I (or maybe the dispatcher or order taker) had misunderstood.
Apple sticker: The apple from the breakfast boxes that the nice couple from the Red Vic had given me


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