Day Cabbie

San Francisco taxi stories from one of the very rare female drivers

A different way of telling the story of my day

When I'm driving a taxi, I use a DeSoto receipt to write down an address I am dispatched to so I don't forget.

This one is from Friday, January 5:
1108 Cole: The guy with the hat who went to the airport and who asked if the music we were listening to was Squarepusher. It wasn't Squarepusher but he said it was amazing.

1045 Mission #456: The guy from Italy who owns a coffee shop on California and 5th Ave.

672 Alvarado: The fare that another cab driver stole from me. Fucker. It was assigned to me. Don't mess with orders that are assigned to ME.

3636 Scott #103: The lawyer on his way to Civic Center who said that arguing in court is fun and that his favorite cases are those that are very emotional. I really enjoyed talking to him.

1678 Dolores: The fragile old lady and her caretaker who wanted to go to the Bank of America at the Diamond Heights shopping center.


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