Day Cabbie

San Francisco taxi stories from one of the very rare female drivers

The coffee shop boy gets a free ride

When I'm not driving a taxi, I sometimes like to go to Maxfields House of Caffeine on Dolores and 17th. For a while, this guy with long blond hair named Clint worked there, and he always played the best music, usually dark, glitchy and bleepy electronic music. I must have commented on how much I liked the music he was playing every time I was there when he was working.

One time I was driving my taxi on Geary and Webster. Clint was standing at the bus stop. A bus was driving by and Clint looked at it frustratedly. It must have been the wrong one. I had already driven past him but decided to go back and offer him a free ride for always playing such nice music at Maxfields. But by the time I had made it around the block, Clint wasn't at the bus stop anymore. I was disappointed.

Sometimes I also like to go to Farley's at 18th and Texas. There is a guy who works there who once made an invisible friend comment to me that had made me laugh. Well, today I saw said guy standing at the bus stop at Haight and Buena Vista West. And guess what I did? I made a U-turn and pulled up at the bus stop.

"Hey. I'll give you a free ride."


"Because I know you. You work at Farley's."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Come in."

"Are you going there right now?"

"No. But I'll take you there."


I found out that his name is Jay. I was happy to finally give a deserving coffee shop boy a free ride. And the best thing about Jay is that he is seriously considering becoming a cab driver himself.


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