Day Cabbie

San Francisco taxi stories from one of the very rare female drivers

Costume Cabbie: Goth chick

Costume Cabbie: Goth chick
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I pouted all day and listened to The Cure in my taxi. Nobody commented, except when I was about to take this toothless guy who I think was a little bit crazy and who kept saying "Is it gonna be safe? Promise?", and this guy on Chestnut Street said to him "I think this is about the best cab in the city you could have." I think he said that because I am female, friendly and not ugly. Just a hunch.


At 2/03/2007 11:17:00 AM, Blogger Paradise Driver said...

The footwear should have been black, laced, military paratrooper boots. I'll give you a 9.9 out of a possible 10.0.

You are definitely "not ugly"!

At 2/04/2007 06:32:00 PM, Anonymous Pissed Off Cabbie said...

Pouty, pouty.


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