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Costume Cabbie: Valentine's Day

Costume Cabbie: Valentine's Day
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My friend Philo called me around 2:30pm on Valentine's Day and said "Are you spreading Valentine's cheer?" I said "Yes! I am!"

This is what I looked like when I drove a taxi on Valentine's Day. I played a special Valentine's Day mix CD all day long. This was the soundtrack:

The Beatles - All You Need is Love
New Order - World
Justin Timberlake - My Love
Madonna - Justify My Love
Nada Surf - Always Love
Joy Divison - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love
The Cure - Lovesong
Ulrich Schnauss - Crazy For You
Stacey Q - Two of Hearts
Blümchen - Herz am Herz
Lamb - Gorecki
New Order - Someone Like You
Risto - Nina, olen palasina
Björk - Joga
Blur - You're So Great
The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

My favorite passenger that day was this guy I picked up Market and Castro. He got in my cab and said "I love your wig. You totally just made my day. I feel so much better already." He then told me that my outfit reminded him of the 80's when he used to be a club kid in New York City. He said he used to dress like that all the time in the 80's and that it was so fun and that he hadn't thought about those times in a while. And then Two of Hearts from Stacey Q played on my CD, and he said that he used to dance to that song at all the gay clubs in New York City. He also told me that he had been HIV-positive for 20 years.


At 2/21/2007 05:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the outfit -- keep on inspiring people!


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