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The Folsom Street Fair aftermath

Yesterday was the annual Folsom Street Fair. I went for a little bit but that has nothing to do with being a cab driver. But what is related to cab driving is all the Folsom Street Fair-related fares I had today.

6:17 AM. My first fare was at Folsom and Division. I rang the door bell. The door opened and there were two girls who looked at me surprisedly. I said "I have your taxi here." One of the girls said "Oh yes, awesome." The two girls kissed for a few seconds and one of them followed me to the car. She was very pretty. It seemed like she had been up all night. "Folsom Street Fair" I thought.

7:10 AM. I was driving on Castro and a guy standing at 18th shyly stuck up his hand. I almost didn't see him. I jerked the car over, and he looked at me doubtfully. I said "Yes, come on in." He smelled like he had smoked about 100 cigarettes throughout the night.

"I'm going to that park on the hill. Not Dolores Park."

"Is it Duboce Park?"

"No, not Dolores Park. It's...up the go up there and..." He pointed up Castro Street.

"Duboce Park?"

"I don't think it's Duboce Park."

"Do you know the intersection?"

"No...but I know how to get there. I'll just show you."

When we were driving on Castro near 16th, he looked to the left and said

"It's up there..."

"Buena Vista Park?"

"Yeah, I think it's Buena Vista Park."

"Are you visiting?"


"Did you come for LoveFest?"

"No. But that's what I ended up having. Hahahahaha!" I think he was still entoxicated.


"Hahahahaha! I was actually here for the Folsom Street Fair."

"Ah. I love the Folsom Street Fair."

I dropped him off where his truck was parked at Buena Vista Park.

"Thanks for stopping."

"You're welcome."

7:23 AM. Three short stocky Latino guys were standing on the corner of Market and 15th Street and flagged me down. As they piled into the cab, this really hot Caucasian guy on a bicycle that had been with them kept pointing in their direction and saying something in a really flirtatious way. I don't know what he said. It might have been something like "I'll call you" or "I'll be there." But I really don't know. But the way he kept looking and pointing made ME feel very flirtatious, and he wasn't even talking to me. We drove off and I couldn't stop smiling, and I kept scanning the three guys in the backseat. I wanted to say "Which one of you was he trying to get with?" But I didn't. The three guys spoke Spanish with each other the whole ride.

10:50 AM. I was dispatched to an address at 14th and Church. It was two French-speaking guys going to the airport. They told me they had come to San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair. They said that San Francisco was a beautiful city and that this wasn't the first time they had come here.

I also drove the usual old man to the dialysis center, couple with twin babies to the hospital, and businessmen to the financial district today. But the day was definitely somewhat Folsom Street Fair-themed.


At 10/01/2006 10:18:00 PM, Anonymous rusa said...

hi vera,

i enjoy reading your cab stories. my boyfriend also drives a cab part time. but whenever i ask him if anything interesting happens during his day he says no. i think he's a poor observer of human nature or he's not a good storyteller.


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