Day Cabbie

San Francisco taxi stories from one of the very rare female drivers

Intersections where the guy fell

One time I was driving on Mission Street, and at 16th and Mission two people held out their hands to flag me down. I thought they needed separate cabs, but they were actually together and both got into my cab. The woman was Asian and a lot younger than the man. I think she was his medical helper. She was very quiet, but the man talked a lot. He had a cane with him. He said he had trouble walking and told me about all the intersections at which he had fallen. He said that one time he fell at the intersection of 10th and Mission. That one was the scariest one, he said. The other light had turned green and cars were starting to come straight towards him, and he was still lying on the ground. He said that he thought the cars were going to hit him and he was going to die. He told me he also fell at the intersections of 6th and Market, Van Ness and McAllister, and 14th and Guerrero.


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