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My sleeve was on TV

Sometime in mid-September, I was having lunch at an African restaurant when Thomas, one of the owners of Green Cab, called me.

"Where are you?" Thomas asked.

"Eating at California and Hyde."

"How quickly can you get to Civic Center?" I did some calculations in my head.


"They are filming something there, and they need a Green Cab." Now I was all ears. Filming!

"I'm leaving right now." With my mouth still full, I got a to-go bag for the rest of my falafel and ran to the car.

On the way to Civic Center, I talked on the phone to a guy named Liam who was to meet me there.

Two men waved at me when I drove slowly by City Hall. One of them had a camera on his shoulder. The one without the camera motioned to me to make an illegal U-turn. I looked around for cops, didn't see any and went for it. The one without the camera was Liam. He told me that the other guy would be filming him outside the car for a minute or so, then he would get into my car, and I would drive off with him.

The first time we did it, he stayed in communication with the other guy via his microphone. They agreed to do one more take. He had me drive us around Civic Center Plaza and go back to our original spot. The second time we did the routine, he had me drop him off at the next corner. He thanked me and told me that this little segment was going to be in the Going Green episode of the CBS show Eye on the Bay and was going to air on October 17th at 7pm.

I don't have a television, but my friend does, and we watched it together on October 17th, and yesterday he finally put my first TV appearance on YouTube. Enjoy.


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