Day Cabbie

San Francisco taxi stories from one of the very rare female drivers

She seemed like a nice enough person

A guy and a girl got in at the airport. I think they were in their mid to late 30's. The girl might have been a little older than the guy. They both seemed upbeat.

"We're not going far," the guy said. "We're going to the Uhaul station near the airport. Do you know where that is?"


"I have directions." He handed me a Mapquest printout.

"Thank you."

According to the printout, the Uhaul station was only two miles from the airport. It was the shortest fare from the airport I had ever had.

"What are you doing at the Uhaul station?"

"Moving her to Vegas!" the guy beamed. "Well, she's moving herself. I can't drive. Too many DUI's!"

"Woops." I looked at the girl. "So you live here now?"

"Yeah, I lived here all my life."

"You lived in the Bay Area all your life, and now you're moving to Vegas?"

"Yes." She giggled.

"She met that special guy!" the guy beamed.


"Do you live in San Francisco?" the guy asked me.


"Are you a hippie?"

I paused. "No."

"A tree hugger?"

"No. But I do care about the environment. That's why I drive this green cab."

"Sorry, I shouldn't say tree hugger."


We were on El Camino Real in San Bruno now.

"I'm surprised there aren't any gays," the guy said, looking around. "I thought they would be everywhere."

"Not here," said the girl. She giggled but it was an uncomfortable giggle. To me it felt like the giggle of a person who wants to be supportive of their companion but at the same time thinks that he or she is being an ass.

"I thought they would be everywhere, you know," the guy said to me. "Those gays, you know."

I didn't know what to say.

"How did you guys meet?" is what I said next.

"Drug rehab."


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