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The sound of the airport

Aside from the sound of engines starting, which I documented recently, there is another omnipresent sound at the airport: The ka-chuck sound the speed bumps make when a taxi drives down into the lot. I tried to record that sound on video today, with varying success. The last minute of this first video is rather sad and silent.

This very short video captures the sound I am talking about.

We hear it at the airport all day long. It echoes throughout the entire area. "Ka-chuck" says that another taxi has arrived and is about to file into the queue.

While I was filming the last video, which I did not post, a driver walked up to me and asked me if I was filming something. I told him and several others who had asked me before him that yes, I was recording the sound that the ramp makes. "You know, that ka-chuck sound?" Of course they all knew what I was talking about. This particular guy said "You are saying that you are in love with this sound?" I laughed and said that yes, that was exactly what I was saying.


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