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Psychic cab driving

My friend Philo, who is a very gifted psychic and drives a taxi for Luxor, talked to me about psychic cab driving last Friday. He said he asks the universe "Where should I go next?" and he receives an answer. Sometimes it's in the form of a neighborhood or a street name, and sometimes he is guided there turn by turn. He receives instructions such as "Make a left," "Stay here a minute" or "Keep going straight." He said his mind always questions the instructions and wonders "Why should I go there?" but if he follows the instructions he always finds fares in very unexpected and serendipitous places.

After our conversation, I was left feeling inspired and very excited about giving it a try for myself.

Last night he called me during his shift. He had just dropped somebody off. He said "I wonder where I am going to go next."

"Harrison Street," he said after he had tuned into his psychic sense.

"Where are you now?" I asked.

"Howard Street."

He was on Howard and 3rd. As we continued talking, he passed Folsom and then made a right on Harrison.

"Keep going on Harrison," he told me the voice in his head said.

"I am going to stay on the phone with you until you find your fare. I have to see this for myself," I said to him.

When Philo was at 7th Street, he told me the voice in his head said "You're almost there now."

After another minute, I heard Philo say "There is a couple kissing. Do you need a cab or what?"

Then he said "Yep, it's them." I said "Wow. That is SO awesome. I hope you have a great night!"

"You too! Bye!"

Today I gave psychic cab driving a try myself. I had tried it before but hadn't had much success with it. I think it's because I hadn't fully trusted the instructions I was receiving and always overrode them with my own thoughts and expectations. But this time I listened to the psychic voice with a new focus and flexibility.

My first fare was my regular Monday morning airport customer Tony. I didn't use my psychic sense for that because he was a sure thing. But then, coming back into the city, I asked whether I should take 280 or 101. It was very clearly 101. I stayed on 101. I suddenly knew that I had to take the 7th Street exit. I took the 7th Street exit. You can either make a left on 7th or go straight to end up on Bryant. I ended up on Bryant. At 6th Street the voice said "Keep going." I heard the dispatcher say "2nd and Brannan. 7th and Hooper." Both of these orders were close to me so I checked in "DeSoto 110, 6th and Bryant." There are always a lot of drivers hanging out around 2nd and Brannan, so I thought for sure I was going to get the Greyhound garage order at 7th and Hooper. But the dispatcher assigned the 2nd and Brannan to me. I was over five blocks away from it so I worried that another driver was going to beat me to it. But I went there anyway.

When I got there, nobody was there. It was 7:43 am. I said to the dispatcher "Can you call out the 239 Brannan?" He said, impatiently "It's a 7:45 advance. Will you give them another minute?" I did. And after another minute, two people with luggage came out. I got to go back to the airport!

For the rest of the day, I was guided to one order after the other by my psychic sense. A lot of them were flags on the street but some of them were orders dispatched over the radio that were announced near spots I had been guided to at just the right times.

I left neighborhoods faster than I normally would; I made turns I normally wouldn't; I made U-turns I was instructed to make; I ended up on streets I had never been on.

I heard "Go back down Divisadero" after I had just left that street, and there was a girl standing at Divisadero and Fulton. I heard "Go up Polk, all the way" and I first took two guys from Polk and Sutter to Polk and Clay and after I dropped them off, I picked up another person at Polk and California. I heard "Take 7th and then stay on McAllister" and there was a guy on McAllister and Larkin. I heard "Make a right on 16th" while driving down Valencia, and there was a girl on 16th between Valencia and Mission. I was even guided to pick up a nice British man on Haight Street who I had had in my cab several times before, but not in the last several months. It was nice to have him again.

This stuff really worked! The system even worked pee, coffee, and lunch breaks into my day. And one time I didn't have a fare for about half an hour because I suddenly needed to process something emotional and pull over and cry for a minute. After that was done, I was quickly guided to my next fare.

It was amazing! The reason I know that this was really working is that FOUR times a new fare was already knocking on my window as I was dropping somebody off. That had never happened FOUR times in one day before. Another indication was that I kept crossing paths with familiar people - people I knew, waitresses I had recently had, people I had just seen earlier that day. Whenever that happens, I know that I am in flow and harmony with the universe.

Going forward, I hope to use my psychic sense effectively as much as possible.


At 4/23/2007 02:23:00 PM, Blogger mark said...

I wonder how many of us hear the voice.

At 8/13/2008 02:13:00 PM, Anonymous Seth said...

Wow, this is the coolest taxi story I've ever heard. Even though I stopped taxi driving last year, I want to try this with life in general.

I think every one who listens can hear this voice.

Maybe this is how I found your wonderful blog, and this post. Just clicking around at work, possibly hearing the voice with my subconscious mind.

Thanks so much and keep up the good work! I love it! To quote Jessica, "I feel like I know you now."

At 8/13/2008 02:31:00 PM, Anonymous Seth said...

I wonder what would happen if everyone listened to that voice.

At 2/18/2009 08:30:00 AM, Blogger thomasherrod said...

'Psychic Cab Driving' so far this is one of my favorites by you.I guess because it is so true and so ridiculous at the same time.There are the usual streets/spots where there seems to be a better percent of flags on the street,but I find myself getting lazy with my driving patterns.I find it's good to remind oneself to break the same patterns once in a while.Take a random turn down a alley or street one rarely does.Sometimes it works. Passed you out there a couple of times recently.


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